• Sabrina

What is it that You Need?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

We are nature. We need the right conditions to help us survive. As a species, we've figured out what we need to do so and have been able to reproduce at an alarming rate. But because we've focused so much of our energy on surviving and reproducing, we have over-emphasized certain things without much thought of going deeper. Of actually thriving. We've created conditions that allow us to live, but are we living well?

I think of the current state of humanity as a hand-planted forest with an over-abundance of evergreens. These evergreens were planted in an effort to populate, but we forgot to consider the strength of the roots and adequate space for each tree to grow to its potential. So although our intentions were good, we're faced with a forest of evergreens that is over-crowded and under-nourished. Yes, the trees will survive, but they will not have the space and nutrients they need to reach the heights they were meant to.

what do you need; nourish yourself; take care; how to

It's up to us to deepen the strength of our roots. To give ourselves adequate space and nutrients. To take what we've learned about survival and reproduction and integrate nourishment.

My belief about thriving as a species, means acknowledging and emphasizing the power and strength of the individual and each persons valuable contribution to the whole. It's about nourishing the individual by meeting needs and providing space for growth. My work is about YOU. It's about strengthening the individual. It's about helping you identify what you need for nourishment and growth - not what may have been prescribed or taught or conditioned or modeled - but what you actually need. When you nourish yourself, your relationships are nourished, your communities are nourished, and ultimately, humanity is nourished.