• Sabrina

Quiet the Noise

Last year I unknowingly started a new tradition for myself: No Noise November. I was feeling overwhelmed and bogged down. It felt as if there was a constant static that wouldn't let me fully focus on any particular thing. I didn't want to feel that way anymore. I wanted to feel clear and mindful and in control. When I asked myself what I needed to do to feel that way again, it was to let go of the things that I falsely felt obligated to. Upon examination, the static in my life at the time were social media and junk food. I chose to let go of social media and sugar for the month of November. I was unsure of what to expect from the experiment, but felt hopeful that by removing those two things, I would feel more clear.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised at just how much of a game changer the month was. It was during the month of November that I had a surplus of energy (which is very untypical for me during late fall/winter months). I found that the energy that I had allowed me to engage in things that were important to me. There were even some happenings during that month that I would call sacred.

Could it be that when I removed what was 'noisy' in my life that I was recommitting to myself? I believe so. It was the removal of some things that weren't in alignment with who I was, that I felt more able to show up to who I want to be. Instagram wasn't calling my name at any moment of downtime. Eating a brownie wasn't something I did when I was avoiding leaning into uncomfortable feelings. For the time that I would have been engaging in those behaviors, I had to find ways to fill it up instead. And when they weren't options, I easily ended up doing things that were healthy.

This is not to say that I was the epitome of health for the month of November, or showed up perfectly, or never engaged in a less-than-healthy choice. Instead, I got to truly see how much time I was spending on things that didn't bring me happiness. What they were bringing me instead, were distractions and avoidance. They kept me from doing the fun stuff AND the work that brings me closer to myself.

I'd love for you to join me in No Noise November. What is taking up too much space in your world? What feels loud? What is staring to feel like it has more control over you than you have over it?