• Sabrina

What Lack of Motivation Might Be Telling You

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

You're feeling kick ass. You are psyched about your new workout routine and have been consistently at it for a few days now. Then those days turn into weeks and you notice that you're dreading your next workout. You come up with all of the excuses not to do it. So, you cut yourself some slack and promise that you'll get back to it tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and it's another battle. Pretty soon you notice that you haven't worked out in weeks. You feel shitty and wonder where your motivation has gone.

motivation; discipline; workout; habit; routine; ritual

Lack of motivation seems to be an obstacle that many of us seem to face. There are things that we desperately want to do, but when it comes down to it, we're not making the time. We think we're uninspired and unmotivated. We say we're stuck. We believe that we may never be dedicated enough to anything. We look at others and compare our inaction to their accomplishments. How do they stay so motivated?

My guess is that they don't. Motivation requires enthusiasm regarding the task at hand. Have you met anyone who, no matter how successful, is truly enthusiastic about every aspect of what they're doing? I haven't. And I suspect when you look closely, you haven't either.

So if it's not motivation that driving them, what is it?


It's realizing and accepting that every day or every aspect of their 'thing' isn't going to be met with enthusiasm. It's knowing their why (the bigger picture) and committing to make it a priority - even when they are feeling uninspired.

Inspiration comes from a dedication to live from your why.

In order to be disciplined you need two things: clarity about your why and a routine/regimen. When the strength of clarity regarding your why and a regimen around the behavior(s) are paired, motivation isn't needed. Your why and your routine carry you through the challenging times.

Your dedication is non-negotiable.

plan; schedule; routine; ritual; habit; discipline; motivation; show up; get it done

But just because you're disciplined doesn't mean that you're exempt from feeling uninspired. That feeling is there to let you know that you need to get reacquainted with your why and reevaluate your behaviors.

Next time you're feeling unmotivated or uninspired, ask yourself: why is this important to me? what is the bigger picture? how is my routine serving me? how is what I'm doing related to my why? what do I need to give myself to make this easier for me?

You might be surprised about what your lack of motivation has to say.

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