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We start by having a consult call to see if we'll be a good match for each other. 

If you decide you'd like to continue, my rate is $100 per session (60-minutes).

We will work together weekly for the first six weeks, at which point we will assess if we'd like to continue weekly sessions or move to every other week. 

I require a minimum of 12 weeks of work together.


I do all of my coaching virtually. We can meet via Zoom with video either on or off (based on your preference). This allows me to work with anyone from anywhere. I've also found that virtual sessions provide a sense of ease and comfort - you don't have to worry what you look like and you can be in an environment that's comfortable for you. 

Once we decide to work together, we will meet every week for the first six weeks, then assess if we want to continue weekly session, or want to move to every other week. 

Coaching with me is $100 a session. I will invoice you monthly via PayPal or Venmo (your preference). 

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"Before working with Sabrina, I had no idea what to expect, but knew that my life felt chaotic and that I needed help prioritizing. Through her gentle and spiritual approach, not only was I able to prioritize and establish goals, I was able to identify my purpose and answer all the “whys” that helped me find clarity in everything I do. And most of all, I was able to find PRESENCE in my life - no more floating and panicking. I have so much more confidence in myself and my goals from working with Sabrina."


"After months of ping-ponging between options and torturing myself for not knowing what I wanted, Sabrina was able to cut through the noise to help me see that I was burned out and overwhelmed by my caregiving responsibilities. With sensitivity and compassion, she helped me understand that I was likely to continue to struggle with the decision I faced until I took the time to address some basic needs in my life that weren’t being met. With her support, I became aware of how often I deferred fun, pleasure, exercise and alone time and exactly what it cost me. Taking steps to bring these things back into my life is what finally cleared the way for me to be able to access the intuition and confidence I needed to step boldly into my new career."


"Sabrina helped me work through multiple different beliefs, like not feeling smart or deserving enough, to now feeling empowered and worthy of living the life I want to live. Sabrina helped me work through some major guilt that was crippling me from going after the life I truly wanted to live. She helped me be free of it and let go, which was the biggest gift I could have received from anyone."


"Sabrina was really easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable in our first session revealing myself. I feel more aware of where my emotions are coming from, and that awareness gives me the ability to respond rather than react. The work we've done together has helped me be more self aware and that has really boosted my self confidence. I recommend Sabrina to any woman in a transitional place in her life looking for some clarity and a compassionate guide."